Thursday, 28 February 2013

The kick-off! Parched March 2013 launches in style

Hundreds of fun-lovers flock to theloft for arty, rocking, canine cocktail fun

There's no doubt that Parched March 2013 is the biggest and best yet - our amazing launch party at theloft proved it!

This party had it all: celebrities, canines both real and sculptural, live art, delicious cocktails, a glittering, fun-obsessed crowd - and even a Psy-alike all dressed up Gangnam style ...

Parched March celebrity supporters Dr Katrina Warren, Jamie Durie and Bodhi Pic: Nikki To

Delicious Parched March signature drink: The Cointreau Pink Poodle Pic: Rishi Ghai

Mambo artists Lee McConnell and Ben Brown with their PUP-UP artworks pic: Nikki To

Parched March ambassadors Shae-Lee Shackleford and Matt Doran with Parched March director Amy Cooper (centre) Pic: Nikki To

Gangnam Style goes doggy style: SYP supports our animal cause with flair and a glittery jacket Pic: Nikki To

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