Thursday, 4 April 2013

The PUP-UP Auction Action!

Here's what went down when we auctioned our PUP-UP artworks at the Parched March grand wrap party at ivy!

Auctioneer Simon Mercier, owner of Name This Bar, a Parched March participating bar, asks Nacho Pop to sell his elephant....

And here it is. Serious animal art.

The girls begin a bidding frenzy ...

In the wings, excitement is uncontrollable as the bidding steadily intensifies.

But Lynette Bolton beats them all off for $450 to take home the pachiderm.

Next up is Amy Meredith bassist Wade Osborn's Doggy Style. Wade recently discovered his talent for drawing at the Name This Bar Parched March Art for The Animals Art Battle. This boy's not just about music.

Two students combine their savings to find $250, which wins Doggy Style. Wade has sold his first piece of art.

Behold Neil (above). A Mambo Farting Dog with one very obvious difference. Or two differences. Three, if you want to be even more specific. Cae Thomas, one of our dashing Mr CBD finalists, is keeping Neil at a careful distance as this randy little fella was last seen getting up close and personal with someone's leg. Designed by talented Mambo artist Lee McConnell, Neil sells for $650 to the big-hearted Mikey, manager of Hugos Bar Pizza in Kings Cross, and although we always recommend desexing your dog, Neil is an exception. Mikey has vowed to let him keep his crown jewels.

Next dog on the rank is Snoop Doggy Rod, another Mambo pup, brought onstage by Mr CBD finalist John Owens. Rod finds his new home rapidly, for a cool $500.

Modogliani the elegant greyhound, by greyhound loving artist Tanya Dobble - who created the bodies for all the dogs in our PUP-UP - sells next, to an AWL NSW volunteer who fell in love with him while moving him from bar to bar. He's brought to the stage by Parched March Mr CBD, Angelo Bouras.

Beautiful Bodhi (above), designed by celebrity gardening guru and environmentalist Jamie Durie, is snapped up for $650.

Three hot boys, four sold dogs!

Even celebrity auctioneer and art dealer Justin Miller's having a bid as the auction action hots up. (Justin sold all six Mr CBDs for a combined total of $8000 at our Parched March Mr CBD bash at Ananas.)

Next, Angelo, Cae and John bring on the Mambo surfboard, 'Vincent Van Hump,' which was painted live at our launch party by Mambo artist Ben Brown.

But wait - who's this? It's ivy owner Justin Hemmes, complete with his German Shepherd, Thunder. He's bidding for Vincent Van Hump. And he wins the board for $1,500. Nice work, Justin!

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